Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hot Dawg and a Cocktail.

Ok so yesterday was an intense day, I sat on the Black Bull patio and drank, my ex waltzes back into my life, and a bunch of friends and myself go to the Horseshoe once the patio gets cold... This is were the topic for today comes from. Maybe I'm the onlyone that finds this hilarious but some guy at the Horseshoe at 5 pm decides to order a hotdog from what I can only assume is one of the nastiest kitchens on Queen. The kitchen itself isn't even found in the Horseshoe, you have to order it through a hole in the wall from the Horseshoes to its retarded brother of a restaurant Gorilla Monsoon. Its nasty, I haven't been in the kitchen but I can tell you right now its nasty, that dawgs been sitting in the freezer for the last 5 years, because really who the fuck orders a hotdog from Gorilla Monsoon. What I don't understand is if you wanted a hotdog why not walk your ass outside on the beautiful Saturday that we had and buy some delicious street meat which is park right out side. I don't know.... Maybe it was because he really wanted to wash it down with that tasty looking Cocktail.


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